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Welcome to The Very Groovy Wolf Book One!!

Its waiting for you to bring it to life with your brilliant illustrations!!

The pages are numbered & so you can choose which pages you would like to draw for.

Please send to

You can include your name, a description of what is happening & which page your drawing is for.





This is a story about change.

This is a story about transformation. A story about realising there is a better way.

This is the story of The Big Bad Wolf realising he doesn’t want to be bad anymore.



In a story about Red Riding Hood, it was written, that the Big Bad Wolf would do very bad things. 

The Big Bad Wolf decided he wanted to write a different story. 

A story where he could be The Super Helpful Wolf.

The Kind & Thoughtful Wolf. The Very Understanding Wolf. The Sensitive & Considerate Wolf.

He didn’t want to be Fierce anymore. He wanted to be Friendly.

If he could do all these things then what a Groovy Wolf he would be.


He decided to show others he had changed by doing helpful things.

There was one big problem. People still thought he was The Big Bad Wolf.

When they saw him they were scared & ran away screaming.

The Big Bad Wolf felt very sad indeed. Tears rolled down his furry face & his ears drooped down.

How could he show the world he was ready to change?

There was only one thing for it. He would go to the forest & look for Red Riding Hood.

He would show her what a Groovy Wolf he could be.



There she was Little Red Riding Hood, skipping through the forest in her little red cape.

She was carrying a basket full of cakes for her grandmother. Or was she?

“Hang on a minute” thought the Wolf.

He looked again. “ That’s not how I remember Red Riding Hood. ”

Things in this story are a little bit different. 



There she was Rebel Red Riding Hood stomping through the forest.

She was not actually wearing a red cape.

She was wearing a big red hooded sweatshirt that came down to her knees.

It had Rebel Skater sprayed on the back. 

She had borrowed her brother's sweatshirt one day & decided to make it her own.

Her mother had been very angry with her for writing on her brother's clothes.

Rebel was sure her brother had never really liked that sweatshirt anyway. 

Rebel Red Riding Hood was stomping through the forest in her red hoodie, with a ruck sack on her back.

She definitely wasn't carrying a basket of cakes.

She was carrying her treasured skateboard & blaring out heavy bass on her speaker. 



Rebel was in a very bad mood. She had wanted to go to the skate park & show off her new tricks to her friends. However her mum had insisted she take gluten free, sugar free, dairy free muffins to her grandma's.

The only way to grandma's house was through the forest, where it was impossible to skateboard.

She turned up her music loud & stomped through the trees with a big scowl.



“ Red Riding Hood ” called the Wolf

“ How dare you!! ” Yelled Rebel .

The Wolf felt a little scared of this very fierce little girl.

“ My name is Rebel Red Riding Hood, not Little Red Riding Hood. I am in a very very bad mood & so do NOT mess with me ”

“ I absolutely wouldn’t dare “ thought the Wolf.

Rebel Red Riding Hood had a very wild energy & she seemed very very angry.



“ Is there anything I can help you with Rebel? ” asked The Wolf. 

Suddenly Rebel Red Riding Hood had a very good idea.

" Yes!! Actually there is. I will dress you up as me, Rebel Red Riding Hood. You can take these gluten free, sugar free, dairy free muffins to grandma’s house. With this plan I can still go to the skate park ”



The Wolf didn’t think this sounded like a very good idea a tall. However he so wanted to be a friendly helpful Wolf & change the end of the story that he agreed.

Rebel Red Riding Hood squeezed him into her red hoodie.

“ Right Woolfy. When you get to grandma's house be very grumpy. Don’t talk much. Just make sounds like hmm, huh, hah & don’t even think about trying the muffins. They are disgusting.”

She handed him the skateboard & rucksack.

“ You had better take this ghetto blaster too. I don’t go any where without my beats. I don’t want grandma to have any reason to think it’s not me. Make sure you play it loud."

“Keep your hood up & ears hidden.”


“ Don’t mess this up for me Woolfy or you will be in BIG trouble with me”



The Wolf was beginning to realise he had made a mistake in agreeing to this great deception.

He would have to tell Rebel he couldn’t go along with the plan. It felt wrong to lie.

Perhaps there was another way he could help her, but before he had a chance to choose a better way Rebel was gone.


While he was deep in thought realising he had made a bad decision, Rebel had run off into the forest & was already heading to the skate park. The Wolf just didn’t know what to do. Trying to be a super helpful Wolf was turning out to be a lot harder than he realised. He decided that he would go along with Rebel's plan, deliver the muffins & then go to the skate park and have a serious chat with Rebel about choosing a better way.



The Wolf arrived at grandma's house. He felt very uneasy. He wasn’t sure he could go through with this. He timidly knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. He could hear the sounds of pumping bass coming from grandmas house.

“ Rebel - is that you? Sorry I was in the mix!” 

Grandma was a dj. She was practicing a set for the woodland rave at the weekend. She played a lot of different styles of music but she especially loved playing techno. She opened the door to see a figure with very long  furry legs, trying to hide his big teeth wearing a hoodie that was way too small for him.



The Wolf just couldn’t continue telling lies. Now he knew he wanted to be a very truthful Wolf. It just felt so wrong. He was a little worried about frightening Rebels grandma by revealing his true identity but he just had to tell the truth.


“I’m not really Rebel” blurted out The Wolf.

“Yes Woolfy. I think I can tell that!” said Grandma

“ Now what on earth is going on & where on earth is my granddaughter?”


The Wolf told her everything.



“Right Woolfy” said Grandma “ I think we had better go & find Rebel at the skate park & see if we can inspire her to choose a better way. Just like you are doing. Perhaps you could have a chat with her about the transformations you are making. It might help her to change.”


The Wolf started to smile & his ears stood up straight. He felt a warm glow inside. He felt happy being a super helpful Wolf. He even felt a little proud of himself too. 



Off they went together arm in arm through the forest to the skate park.

“Would you like a piggy back? “ asked The Wolf. He remembered that the grandma in the story was old & frail.

“ Well, thank you very much for your kind offer Woolfy, but there is no need. I am a super fit grandma.

I exercise every day. I stay stretchy with yoga. I stay strong with kick boxing & I stay balanced with tai chi.

I am most certainly perfectly capable of a brisk walk through the forest. Infact why don’t we jog, side step, bounce, skip & do groovy moves all the way there!!”


“ I don’t really know how to do groovy moves! “ said The Wolf. 

“ Don’t you like dancing ?” asked grandma

“I’ve never tried it before” said the Wolf

“Ah I see” said grandma “Well let’s turn up Rebels music & I’ll show you a few moves on the way”


When they got to the skate park Rebel was skating to the top of a very high ramp. She was skating very very fast. Perhaps a little too fast thought The Wolf. She started to skate down the ramp at high speed & then she caught sight of grandma & The Wolf. She couldn’t believe her eyes.


“ Noooooooo!!!! ” She yelled.



Seeing the duo scrambled her balance. She went flying off her skateboard, through the air & landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. She had a big bash on her head. The skateboard hit a wall & one of the wheels fell off. Grandma & The Wolf ran over to her.


“ Nooooo!!! ” Yelled Rebel “ Go away!!! ” “ I don’t want you here!!! ”



“ Rebel ” said The Wolf kindly & firmly “ This is not a very nice way to speak to your Grandma or me. We have come over to help you.”


“ I don’t want your help.” yelled Rebel “ Just leave me alone.”


Rebel was feeling very angry. Her head hurt & she was very upset she had broken the wheel on her skateboard.



“ It’s all your fault!! ” Rebel yelled. “ You distracted me. I wouldn’t have lost my balance if you hadn’t come to the skate park!! It’s your fault I bumped my head. It’s your fault I broke my wheel. Why did you come here? You messed up Woolfy. You are in BIG TROUBLE with me. I am so angry right now!! ”


“ Rebel Red Riding Hood. That is quite enough ” Grandma began to look a little fierce herself. Rebel now looked angrier than ever. “ How dare you. ” she thought.



“ Rebel ” The Wolf stepped in “ How about a different approach? " 

“ What??!! ” yelled Rebel. She practically had steam coming out of her ears.

“ A different approach is trying out a different way of handling the situation.“ the Wolf  found he had a gentle way of explaining things “ Well my first suggestion would be that you speak nicely to us.”


Hmm thought Rebel. That doesn’t sound too unreasonable. Perhaps she could try speaking nicely.


“My second suggestion would be perhaps you would like to apologise to us for shouting at us.”


Hmm thought Rebel. Perhaps she could try to apologise.

She took a deep breath & then she took another one. She started to feel a little calmer. She took one more calming breathe & said “ Grandma. Woolfy. I’m really sorry for shouting at you. I do know you were just trying to help me.” Rebel found she felt a little bit lighter.


"My next suggestion is we could look at today as a day you could learn a lot from."


" Hmm." thought Rebel. Woolfy seemed to be helping her to see things in a different way & she started to feel less angry.


“ Do you have anymore suggestions? ” Rebel was curious.


“ Well why don’t we start at the very beginning? You could think about the choices you made today & perhaps think about how you could have done things differently. Once I was the Big Bad Wolf & now I am learning how to be The Super Helpful, Kind & Thoughtful, Very Understanding, Sensitive & Considerate Wolf.



" Hmm." thought Rebel remembering how much she didn’t want to help her mother by taking the muffins to grandma. All she had wanted to do was skate , skate & skate again. " Hmm." thought Rebel perhaps she could learn how to be helpful too. Woolfy seemed to have some good ideas. He had also made some big changes himself. Rebel found she was quite enjoying thinking about things in a different way & she was feeling a lot less angry. Perhaps it would have been a better day if she hadn’t been so angry about taking the muffins. Perhaps it would have been better to say. “Of course. I’m very happy to help you Mum. I can skate another day. ”



“ How is your head Rebel? ” Grandma asked 

“ It’s a bit sore but I think I am ok. Thank you Grandma.”


She started to feel a bit sad about all her grumpy moments. Perhaps she could become less grumpy she wondered to herself?


“ I love you Grandma “ she said & reached out to give her a big hug “ I’m sorry. ”


“ I love you too Rebel” Grandma wrapped her arms around her granddaughter.


Suddenly Woolfy saw a wheel roll by. He recognised it. It was the wheel from Rebels skateboard! He quickly grabbed it.


“ Rebel. Look what I’ve found!! ”



Rebel saw the wheel & beamed with joy. She took her tool kit out of her ruck sack & set about fixing her skateboard. Woolfy & Grandma held the board still & Rebel screwed the wheel back on. The treasured skateboard was ready to ride once again! Woolfy had never been on a skateboard before & so Rebel gave him his first lesson. Woolfy was a bit wobbly but Rebel was a great teacher. She was really patient & encouraging. It turned out that Grandma was amazing at skateboarding. She had in fact taught Rebel how to skateboard when she was smaller. She thought it would be a good way for her to focus her wild energy. 

They stayed at the skatepark until late. Sharing the board & practicing tricks. Grandma & Rebel took turns speeding down the ramp & Woolfy cheered them on. He wasn’t quite ready for the ramp yet.



“ Time for a dance battle! ” said Grandma. She put on some old school hip hop, rolled out the lino & threw down some breakdancing moves. Rebel & Woolfy tried to keep up.

“ Any one hungry? ” Asked Grandma “ I think we have a box of delicious muffins in the ruck sack.” 


The trio sat down on the grass with the sun setting, munching on the muffins. They watched the skaters on the half pipe & nodded their heads to one of grandma's dj mixes. Rebel had to admit she had been wrong about the “ disgusting” muffins. They all agreed they tasted simply delicious.


Grandma started to sing & rap over the beats & this is how The Very Groovy Wolf song began. 



Woolfy reflected on how things had changed. He was no longer the Big Bad Wolf. He had created a different ending for the story. He had become The Super Helpful, Kind & Thoughtful, Very Understanding, Sensitive & Considerate Wolf. He had made two new friends & he wasn’t Fierce anymore. He had found a better way. He had helped Rebel think about a better way too. He had learnt how to skateboard. He had tried dancing for the very first time & was already looking forward to all the different ways he could be A Very Groovy Wolf.


Copyright Emilia Harmony 10/01/2023



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