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Would You Like To Illustrate This Story??

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of The Very Groovy Wolf!!

A Story Of Adventure & Transformation.

A story about The Big Bad Wolf realising he doesn’t want to be bad anymore!!

It’s also a story about managing big emotions & skateboarding!!

The main characters are The Very Groovy Wolf, Rebel Red Riding Hood

& A DJing, Breakdancing, Kickboxing Grandma!!

I invite you to read & illustrate this story.

I invite you to bring the characters & landscapes to life.

You are welcome to send in your illustrations & we can create this book together.


There are three stories in the series. I have a vision to publish these stories.

If they go to print any illustrations used will of course receive a percentage of any cash prizes & I will give a percentage to charity. We can decide which charities together. I will always ask the illustrators permission first before using any artwork and have a clear honest agreement in how we move forward.


For now we can use this website space to present an extraordinary gallery of illustrations & inspirations!! If you would like to submit one please send to & I will upload it onto the site.

You will be able to find it in The Very Groovy Wolf Gallery. Please include a written description of which story your illustration is for, the page number if that's relevant and what is happening in your picture. 

I will upload one book at a time. See where your pens or paints take you. You are welcome to make models & send photographs too.

This is a project for everyone of all ages all around the world.

Contributions from both adults & children are so welcome.

I’m so looking forward to working on this with you all.

The Very Groovy Wolf Audio book & The Groovy Wolf Song Coming Soon!!

Lovebeams & Lazerbeams,

Emilia Harmony



I am resident DJ for Disco Loco Hackney's Wild & Wonderful Family Party  & Easy Rollerz Soft Play Disco at Hackney Showrooms.

I love creating musical journeys. I love writing stories. I love singing & dancing. I love sharing positive vibrations.

I was a childminder for years. I looked after lots of wonderful beings & they all taught me a lot.

These stories are dedicated to every one of them.



IMG-1117 (1)_edited.png
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